“Miceal O’Hurley helped us work through the emotional issues that were keeping us from making good decisions about Testimonials. Thanks to his fair approach, patience and skill we were able to focus on our children, sort through our complicated financial problems and reach a separation agreement that saved us a long, difficult and contentious legal battle. Michal saved us thousands of Euro in legal fees, helped us reach a solution quickly and turned a bitter separation into a new start for both of us. I couldn’t recommend Munster Mediation more highly.”
Aine C.

“Dear Miceal, I wanted to thank you for all that you have done for me and my brothers and sisters. After mom broke her hip and needed full-time care the responsibility fell to me. My brothers and sisters promised to help, but didn’t. When mom finally died 3-years later there was serious fighting between us all over who would get what. By that time we wouldn’t speak to one another. The worst part came when we each spent thousands with solicitors threatening one another. Because of your work, and the meetings you held with us, we were able to reach a fair distribution of mom’s estate. Its still painful to think that we fought over the money, the house and so few possessions, but you helped us resolve our conflict. Mom would be happy that we have resolved our differences. We all owe you much.”
Nora A.

“Munster Mediation helped our council solve some very difficult, protracted and time-consuming housing disputes. Miceal O’Hurley’s approach to the parties to the disputes was professional, un-biased and helped keep everyone oriented towards conflict reduction and resolution. More than a fresh perspective, Miceal was masterful in helping individuals voice solutions so that in the end what they chose would be something they could all live with and abide by. We will continue to rely on Miceal O’Hurley and Munster Mediation to help resolve disputes.”
Local Authority Housing Officer

“When several of our staff fell into a dispute it began to disrupt our ability to deliver on our work. Our customers became dissatisfied, our production fell off and staff morale was at the lowest I’ve seen in my 18-years of working in personnel. Miceal worked with each member of staff to ensure that they would participate in mediation then shuttling between rooms, helped them form the basis for positive discussions. By the second session all of the parties agreed to meet in the same room, sitting at the same table and begin to resolve their disputes (something I would not have thought possible only the week before). In the end, a working agreement was reached. Now, six months later, the agreement is still working, staff morale is back up and people are putting to use the conflict reduction skills Miceal taught them during the negotiations. Munster Mediation is now our preferred provider. Munster Mediation works quickly and works within our budget. I recommend Miceal to other companies all the time.”
Corporate Human Resources Manager

“Munster Mediation conducted a workplace evaluation for us. The work was done quickly and was comprehensive. Miceal O’Hurley worked very well with the parties to keep the process moving. Most importantly, Munster Mediation gave us great value-for-money, a key factor in our choice to use them and our decision to continue to use them.”
Local Authority Personnel Manager